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#15 Grumpy Dog After Sonic Movie Trailer

May 7, 2019

Back at it again with the Podcast!  Today we have a special guest!  Dan's son Blake joins us today so we can get all the updates about how his Prom went.  If you didn't check out last weeks episode, be sure to go check it out and learn about all our Prom memories!

This was not only Blake's first Prom, it was his first dance!  Do you think he had a good time?  Listen and find out!

Side note. . I have not yet found that photo. . But I will keep looking. . . 

The conversation turns from prom, to talking about old photos and saving them.  Memories of 24 hour photo returns, that then turned to the 1 hour photo developing.  And this wasn't even that long ago!  We used to wait 2 - 4 weeks for our photos to be developed.  Oh and negatives.  Photos were a pain back in the day. How many of you have old 4x6 photos sitting around that aren't digitized yet?  

15:40  Dan's Game of Thrones Minute  (No Spoilers)
His update this time is shorter then a minute.  Anyone else feeling the same way he does?

The conversation jumps from Game of Thrones, to Star Wars. Jess and Dan talk about how certain things that have happened in the new Star Wars have hurt how they feel about the series.  Dan got Spoiled for Episode 7 of Star Wars and he tells us the story of how that happens.  

20:58  Memphis Gets Grumpy!  Dog After Dentist
So what has Jess been up to?  She is working on finally painting her kitchen, and as much as she is happy to be changing it, she is not enjoying the process.  The day before recording this, Memphis had appointment at the veterinarian, for a Dental cleaning.  Yup, the dog got to go to the Dentist.  Jess explains the process of what happened with Memphis while she was at the dentist.  

Here is the vlog of Memphis the day she went to the Dentist: Memphis Dentist Vlog

Here is a Photo of Memphis's Teeth Before

Memphis Teeth After

34:45 Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Trailer

It's time to discuss the Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer, that just about everyone found terrifying.  Jess actually thought it was a fake trailer when she saw it.  So many things are wrong with it.  Dan and Jess talk about all the things they hated, and Blake also gives his thoughts.  Shortly after this Podcast was recorded, the Directed tweeted on Twitter that our cries had been heard and that Sonic will be redesigned before the movie is released.  

We hope you enjoyed this Podcast today!  Come on back next week for more! 

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