May 21, 2019

#17 DJI Vs GoPro and PuppyCast Part 1

We open the show with Dan talking about his grass like an old man. Jess talks about Dandelions and weeds. Riveting I know -Dan

3:32 Dan and Jess the new DJI camera and how it contends against the new GoPro. Jess tries to not hate her new GoPro because of how pretty the new DJI is. Is GJI taking Revenge against GoPro? The discussion turns to talks about the Folding Samsung phone.

18:06 Dan regales you with his Game of thrones minute that quickly tursn in to Big Bang Theory finally talk that turns in to TV show hate.

26:51 Puppy Talk. I will be spoiler free, but we talk about he new addition to the family.

We hope you enjoyed this Podcast today!  Come on back next week for more! 

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