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Two friends, living on opposite sides of the United Sates, one in the city and one in the country, talking about pop culture, society, news, and whatever else they want to chat about!

#19 Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance | Petcon | Vidcon

June 4, 2019

Today's podcast is about Kira the Husky Puppy update, Dan's son Graduating from High School, The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance trailer was released, and of course, being true to the heart YouTubers, we had to talk about upcoming Vidcon 10, that we will be attending!

These past few weeks for both of us have been crazy!  I got a new puppy, Dan's son Graduated from High School! So things have been crazy.  Dan and Crystal had a house full of people for the graduation party, and as always, there was too much food.  So it's leftovers for the next week!  What is your favorite thing to do with leftovers?  Do you just eat them as is?  Or do you get creative and make new things out of leftover foods?

Time for the weekly puppy update!  I am sure this will be happening for the next few weeks, but you don't mind do you?  It's better then the Game of Thrones Minute right?  I am working on crate training Kira, and potty training Kira.  Those are the two big things we are working on.  And trying to get her to stop putting everything into her mouth. So Dan and I have a good chat about all the updates with Kira for this week. 

Petcon is coming!  Jamie and I and all 3 dogs are going to drive across country with all 3 dogs to attended Petcon in Los Angeles, California.  http://www.petcon.co if you are in the area and want to me us and the dogs, or Dan and Crystal, as they are coming to hang out as well.  

Oh Vidcon.  We have such a love/hate relationship with Vidcon.  This will be our last Vidcon, unless something amazing changes.  So if you want to meet us at Vidcon, get your tickets and lets do it! Dan and I discuss what the plans will be for next year since we aren't going to do Vidcon again.  We discuss the people we want to see this year, and who we hope to get a chance to talk to this year. 

TanaCon is coming to Vidcon.  Tana who through TanaCon last year and made a bunch of videos hating on Vidcon, and the creators of it, and the staff, is actually a featured guest at Vidcon this year.  Dan and I give our thoughts and opinions on this.  I can tell you this, we both think it's just a ploy to try to get more people to the event.  

The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance is coming!  The trailer for The Dark Crystal Series on Netflix came out.  Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSV42j8lccg .  And for those of you that may not know, The Dark Crystal is my favorite movie of all time.  Yes, Kira is named after Kira the Gelfling from The Dark Crystal.  So I am SUPER excited about The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance.  Do you think we should do a live reaction stream on the CCMouse Podcast YouTube channel where Dan and I watch the original Dark Crystal together along with you?  I think it would be amazing!  

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