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#20 Pancakes Delivered and Puppy Cast Part 3

June 12, 2019

Dan and Jess back at it again! We start if off with Dan telling a fun story about Rizzo getting terrified by just a small drop of water touching her back.  What a cute story to get us started off!

Right into the Kira the Husky Puppy talk!  I can't believe how good this puppy has really been.  I talk quite a bit (too much Dan, you asked to much and let me talk to much about the puppy hahah), about the puppy.  We talk about some of Kira's quirks and her personality things that I am noticing. Kira started puppy classes this week, so Dan had lots of questions that pertained to the puppy classes. 

So Game Night, we have people here, and we always want to do food.  I hate that so many restaurants here in Alpena don't understand the HUGE benefits of online ordering. Every game night we go through the issues of how do we get food, where do we get it, and can we get it delivered.  And then we have to go through the issues of ordering for multiple people on the phone, and it's not an easy task.  It ties up a phone line for the restaurant, ties up an employee, where if we just had online ordering, we could place or orders so easily!

Speaking of online ordering, our Wal-Mart is finally getting the parking pick up thing.  Where you use the app, order everything, park in the pickup area, and they bring all of your groceries right to your car!  How cool is that!  Do you use Online Ordering for food?  How about curbside pickup?
And in closing . . we now have MERCH!!

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