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Two friends, living on opposite sides of the United Sates, one in the city and one in the country, talking about pop culture, society, news, and whatever else they want to chat about!

#30 Why is my TikTok Deleted?

August 21, 2019

So many crazy things going on right now!  What do we talk about today!  We we decided to talk about amusement parks and roller coasters and our favorite rides!  Why you might ask?  Well in October we are going to VidSummit and after we are doing a day at Disneyland!  A group of our friends are getting together to head there and spend the day.  It should be a lot of fun!  So that got us thinking about our favorite rides! My current favorite ride I have ever been on is GateKeeper at Cedar Point.  Enjoy this fun POV Video here:

I would have to say my go to ride though, still has to be Gemini at Cedar Point.  It's a racing coaster and I have very fond memories of this coaster.  Here is a POV of that one as well!

Oh heck, while we are sharing ride videos, this is the Demon Drop ride that I was talking about. It was at Cedar Point for 26 years before they moved it to another park.  This is the ride Dan talks about being stuck on his back on.  

We also chatted about my TikTok that got deleted.  Yes, I had a video on TikTok get taken down for violating community guidelines.   They did put it back up, and you can see the video below.  Tell me if you think it should have been taken down:

We hope you enjoyed today's podcast!  And my quick version of our notes!

Podcast Notes by Jess

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