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Two friends, living on opposite sides of the United Sates, one in the city and one in the country, talking about pop culture, society, news, and whatever else they want to chat about!

#9 Is Lisa Simpson a Disney Princess

March 26, 2019

 Today we are spilling all the tea, or drinking all the tea. Dan decides to tell us the story about that one time he bought a unicycle, and it doesn't end well, twice! Disney bought fox, and it brings up the question, is Lisa Simpson a Disney Princess? And of course, the weekly YouTube talk! Fantastic Adventurers Abuse of their children, James Charles getting harassed for using mid-roll ads, Charles Trippy has to restart chemotherapy, and Shane Dawson gets engaged!

Today's podcast is about all the tea! In the most literal sense possible. Dan and Jess are both becoming Tea connoisseurs. Both of them just got fancy new Tea machines are are trying out many different styles and flavors of tea. During this conversation, they discover that hot tea is bad for you and can cause cancer. Hot tea increases your risk of esophageal cancer! This is something that needs to be discussed! Is Tea good for you or bad for you? Listen and find out!
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Next on the show, Dan tells us the story of that one time, when he bought a Unicycle. And let's just say one smashed iPhone screen later, it doesn't end well. This brings us to the question, have you ever ridden a Unicycle?

Disney has bought Fox! This brings up so many questions! Is Lisa Simpson a Disney Princess? Dan and Jess start breaking down how many Fox movies and shows are now owned by Disney. This brings us to the topic of Disney Plus! Disney is launching a new streaming service! Do you think you will buy into it?

While talking about Disney and Fox, the topic takes a jump of track to Forrest Gump, and that Forrest Gump 2 was supposed to be a thing.

Jumping back on the Disney monorail, we learn that Jess is a Disney Fan Girl who used to collect a lot of Disney things!

Time for the YouTube talk section of the podcast (who thinks this should be a thing?). First up is the Fantastic Adventure YouTube channel and the abuse of the children on the channel. Then the Mid-Roll ads. James Charles was getting picked on for using multiple Mid Roll ads in his videos. Do you think Mid Roll ads are justified? Do you think all creators should use them? Charles Trippy is brought up again since he has to has chemotherapy again, and Shane Dawson got engaged!

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