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#16 Paying For A Celebrity Shoutout on Cameo ?

May 14, 2019

We hope you enjoyed this Podcast today!  Come on back next week for more! 
Get a Cameo from Gone to the Snow dogs : https://www.cameo.com/gonetothesnowdogs

Back at it again with a new Podcast!  We start off the day talking the line between artistic freedom and the audience controlling what creators do.  After last weeks episode, it turns out that the director of Sonic the Hedgehog is going to change the design of Sonic based on the push and feedback from the audience.  What are you thoughts on this?

Wendy's brings back Spicy Chicken Nuggets because of an Internet push on Twitter.  Now a days, it seems people have the power to convince companies to give them the things they want.  Is this a good thing?  Or a bad thing?  What would you push for a company to change?

32:47  Time to talk about Cameo!
So Cameo is an app where you can pay to have celebrities, musicians, Youtubers, and many other people make personalize messages to send to you.  You can pretty much get them to say anything you want them too!  Gone to the Snow Dogs has a Cameo account!  What are you thoughts on this?

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