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Two friends, living on opposite sides of the United Sates, one in the city and one in the country, talking about pop culture, society, news, and whatever else they want to chat about!

#10 Does David Dobrik Deserve a Kids Choice Award?

April 2, 2019

Today Dan and Jess talk about all the things!  Gone to the Snow Dogs hit 100k on TikTok (Dan's favorite app).  Does David Dobrick deserve a kids choice award?  What type of tea are we drinking today?  What what TV shows are we watching right now?

It's time for another episode of the Country Mouse City Mouse Podcast!  First in today's podcast, Dan and Jess talk about Gone to the Snow Dogs hitting 100k Followers on TikTok.  This leads them into talk about Pet Influencers who dress up their dogs and try to make them into doggy models, versus what Jess does and tires to just showcase her dogs as dogs and not pop stars.  

Next the conversation switches to talking about Dan watching Jurassic World and the discussion of why are people able to hold their breath underwater for so long in movies.  Have you ever tried holding your breath as long as they do in the movies?  Jess tries to convince Dan to watch The Act on Hulu.  The show about Gypsy Rose and her Munchhausen By-proxy mom.  Walking dead, Game of Thrones, what shows are you watching right now?

It's time for tea!  Time to spill all the tea!  Jess is drinking a Mint tea this week, iced of course.  Dan is a bit skeptical about trying Mint tea.  He is drinking a spiced tea. After a bit of tea talk, it's time for Jess to tell the story of how Jamie cracked his rib.  You just have to listen.  It's a crazy story!
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Does David Dobrik deserve a Kid's Choice Award?  Think about it.  What do you think the age of his viewers are?  Dan and Jess discuss what they think about him getting a Kid's Choice Award, when clearly his videos should be watched by people over the age of 18.  

Next Dan points out that whenever Jess laughs, the sound peaks as he is editing the podcast.  Who else likes Jess's laugh?

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