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Two friends, living on opposite sides of the United Sates, one in the city and one in the country, talking about pop culture, society, news, and whatever else they want to chat about!

#11 The Story of Beth, The Ghost that Jess Met

April 9, 2019

It's storytime Podcast day!  Dan and Jess talk about Memphis's Birthday, taking her to a Elementary school to talk about Responsible Pet Ownership, and the upcoming Pet Expos that Gone to the Snow Dogs will be attending.  Next, Jess tells the story of Beth the Ghost who lived in the first house that her and Jamie in when they first got married.  Then Jess tells a story of why living in a small town is amazing.  

Podcast Breakdown

The day this was recorded was Memphis's birthday!  She turned 6 years old!  Jess talks about her birthday video she filmed, and how it started off a something simple, and became a bit more complex.  For Memphis's birthday she got to go to an elementary school to help teach kids about responsible pet ownership.  

The conversation changes to talking about Pet Expos.  Dan wonders if the dogs get convention flu like people do when they attend conventions. There are a few conventions that Gone to the Snow Dogs will be at.  The West Michigan Pet Expo has already passed by the time this episode is uploaded.  Next up is the Canadian Pet Expo in Toronto, Canada from April 19th - 21st, and then there is the long drive across country to Petcon in Los Angeles, California on June 22nd.  So if you are interested in meeting Gone to the Snow Dogs, those are the next few places they will be at.  

The topic slowly switches to the personality of the dogs.  We get to learn a little bit of insight on all of the dogs including Shiloh, Oakley, Shelby and Memphis.  Dan had a lot of question about convention life, how the dogs act at conventions, and then he finds out that Shiloh was on a lottery ticket.  So of course more of that story is told.  And then we learn that Shelby was on a vacuum cleaner box for Bissel. 

Shiloh on a Lottery Ticket

Shelby on a Bissel box

18:33 The Story of Beth The Ghost
Jess is helping to sell a house that her Aunt owns.  The house is haunted by a Ghost name Beth.  Jess tells us the story of Beth the Ghost, that Jess actually met.  You just have to listen.  This story is so crazy!  Let us know in the comments, do you believe in ghosts?

26:50 Country Mouse finds a Way
Jess lives in a small town (less then 10k population), and she has another story for us today, about why living as a country mouse is such a great thing.  A friend of hers was moving and had scheduled a rental of a U-Haul truck.  What was supposed to be something simple, turns out to be a big fiasco.  The people needed it, and were planning on leaving the next day.  The truck they rented was dropped off at the wrong location, and the location was closed.  Can Jess save the day and find a way to still get the truck for her friends at 5pm on a Sunday night?  Listen and find out!

34:04 Time for Listener Questions
We got a question from Laura (Leave us a question at https://www.speakpipe.com/CCMousePodcast  ), and she wants to know what Dan and Jess think about doing private things at work.  This leads into a good topic for Jess and Dan to discuss about how they feel about employees doing private things while on the clock.  Such as using your phone, surfing facebook, and other things.  Let us know in the comments below what you think about doing private things at work?

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